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What is Spin IM?

Spin IM is a multi platform chat bot that lets users of Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Email (Yes. Good old email!), WeChat, Kik and Line chat with each other anonymously. It uses usernames to identify users and forwards messages to the right recipient based on the usernames. No one will ever know your phone number or any other personally identifiable details but, you will still be able to chat. Everyone gets to keep their favorite messaging apps.

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How to use it

Find the bot

Here is how to find our bot:

Join the service

Once you find our bot on your favorite chat app, send any message to it. This will start the registration process.

You will be asked the following questions:

  • Gender: This is to help users choose whether they want to chat with a male or female.
  • Country: This will help us know where our users are from
  • Username: This is how you will be identified in this service. Please make it short and memorable.

Find Someone to talk to

Once you sign up successfully, you will be matched with a random user to get you started with the chat. If you want to find someone to talk to, send /spin. This will find a random person for you to chat with. You can also find by gender. Just send /spin/male or /spin/female.

Get chatting

To start chatting, send @username Hello. Replace "username" with the person's username and "Hello" with your message. That message is then sent to that person on whichever messaging app they may be using.

Contact us

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